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Technical details

We developed this site from scratch (how silly...) in just a few days thanks to theses awesome free tools and frameworks :

Despite having a cart and search capabilities, The site is static (no API, no database) and is running entirely in your browser, which make it blazing fast. All content is generated from simple markdown files and deployed by a Gitlab CI/CD pipeline. All pages' assets are optimized and the site works on all screen sizes.

It is self hosted in Angola on a Kubernetes cluster made of 3 bare metal servers running Flatcar linux. The cluster live behind a simple home TVCabo internet connexion.

Metallb is the load-balancer, Contour act as the services mesh controller. A self made static asynchronous files server written in Rust is serving theses pages on several pods and nodes simultaneously. An OPNSense router is used as a firewall.

Even if this is over-sized for our use case, this architecture can easily handle 100K+ requests per second.